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Nutmeg is a seed of the fruit from Myristica fragans tree. It is one of the highly prized spices known since antiquity for its aromatic, aphrodisiac and curative properties. Several commercial products are also produced from the trees, including nutmeg oil, extracted oleoresins and nutmeg butter. The same reasons that make nutmeg super healthy for eating makes it a model ingredient in skincare.  Nutmeg can be used as an effective ingredient in daily skin care regimen. There are countless benefits that nutmeg offers, especially for the skin, catch up with those benefits as we take you into the lusciously rich goodness of this spice…
1.      It helps reverse the ageing process of the skin – Nutmeg possess innate anti-ageing properties. The antioxidant nature of nutmeg makes the skin look younger and reduces wrinkles, thus eliminating signs of ageing. It prevents free radical formation resulting in clearer skin and a lighter skin tone. It improves circulation levels, thus, reverses ageing process of skin by preventing the onset of premature ageing signs such as crow’s feet and fine lines.
2.      Natural ready for acne, pimples and helps fade blemish – The antimicrobial properties of nutmeg make it the perfect choice for treating acne and pimples, and eliminating the dirt and impurities of the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties aid the healing process and help clear blemishes and marks. The stimulating properties will certainly wake up dead skin cells. Nutmeg also has a synergistic and inhibitory effect on acne.
3.      Cure for various skin disorders – Nutmeg is known to have curative properties that heal scars caused by everything from acne to sunspots, thus. It anti-inflammatory nature makes it a wonderful solution for various inflammatory skin condition, thus, used to promote healing of cuts and wounds. It has a synergistic effect on few types of epidermis infections. It is also known for its antiviral elements that decrease the likelihood of infections.
4.      Bestows with a healthy, glowing skin – Nutmeg has been an essential ingredient in beauty regimen as it helps to give healthy, radiant skin.
Homemade nutmeg products
1.      Nutmeg spot treatment – Combine nutmeg and cinnamon and an equal part of raw honey. Then add several drops of lemon juice. Using this overnight works wonders.
2.      Nutmeg toning cleanser – Nutmeg restores while stimulating dull skin and promoting a bright, toned complexion. Add nutmeg to coconut milk and rub onto a make-up free face for 15 minutes, then wash off. Coconut milk is used because it provides additional health benefits in addition to the lactic acid that promotes supple skin.
3.      Nutmeg acne exfoliating cleanser – Mix baking soda with honey and clove oil to make spreadable paste. Add Apple Cider Vinegar to the paste to give any dark spot leftover from acne some extra help, add a teaspoon of nutmeg and massage into your skin for at least 2 minutes. Your face will feel warm and slightly tingly because the nutmeg is getting deep into your pores, treating deeper layers of your skin. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use at least 3 times a week in the evening after taking off make-up.
Do you follow a skin care regimen? If you do, then you can try and use nutmeg as a skin care product! There are lots of benefits of using nutmeg, especially for the skin.

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