Tuesday, 23 May 2017


If you’ve had a mango smoothie or just mango by itself, you already know how refreshing it is. But have you tried mango butter? As with most natural fruits, the seed has just as many benefits as the flesh. The mango seed can be formed into a powder, oil or butter, depending on how it is processed. Mango butter is cold-pressed from the seed of the fruit and is similar to shea butters, as it is moisturizing without being greasy.
In skin care, we now move to mango butter for its moisturizing essential fatty acids.  It is rich in oleic acid 46%, stearic acid 44%, linoleic acid 6%, palmitic acid 5.5%, monounsaturated omega-9 acid and a saturated fatty acid. These are ingredients that the skin readily recognizes, takes up and uses to help add moisture to the skin and tightens and firms.
Mango butter benefits for your skin includes:
1.      Natural source of vitamin A- Vitamin A is one of the natural ingredients that encourages a revitalized, glowing look. So, mango butter helps reduces the look of lines, wrinkles and increases skin’s overall youthful look.
2.      Protects from environmental stressors- When you apply mango butter to your skin you carry around an extra bit of protection from harsh weather and UV protection. It also helps heal skin damage caused by sunburn.
3.      Plumps the skin- Mango butter is also rich in vitamin C which helps encourage a more plump and tighter look. It also promotes a firmer appearance on skin.
4.      Treats dry skin- It helps to deeply moisturizes dry patches, flakiness and even sensitive skin. It also helps to combat dry skin, dermatitis, eczema and skin irritations. And don’t forget your lips, mango butter works great as a lip balm.
5.      Calms insect bites and poison ivy- Reach out for mango butter if you got bitten or exposed to poison ivy. It helps to calm the itching and stinging so your skin can relax.
6.      Soothes the skin- Mango butter helps soothe and softens the skin.
7.      Antioxidant properties- Due to its high antioxidant content, mango butter is antiaging. Triterpenes present in mango butter help heal and prevent skin aging.
Mango butter is a new butter that’s making name for itself in the natural skin care world, and we don’t want you to miss out on these benefits. The lighter nature of mango butter makes it a popular choice for d body as compare to shea and cocoa butters that can be a little too heavy. Alternatively, you can combine your shea and mango butters where the fatty acid profiles combine to produce skin nourishing and replenishing creams as found in TEE NATUREL BODY BUTTER.
With all these, mango butter is gentle on skin, and perfectly suitable for all skin especially sensitive skin. Give it a try today and don’t forget that your eyes will love it in our body butter.
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